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Intelliflix Online DVD Rental About Us
Intelliflix online DVD rental
Welcome to Intelliflix Online DVD Rental!

Intelliflix is the world’s largest combined online movie and game rental destination, offering more than 60,000 titles of movies and games to customers in all 50 states. Launched in 2004, Intelliflix utilizes company-owned distribution facilities in addition to a nationwide network of independent video retailers (IVRs) to service both pay per rental and subscription customers.

Our goal at Intelliflix is to provide our customers with the Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience. This means that our customers enjoy the best selection of over 60,000 DVDs and games, the widest variety of plans at the lowest rates of any national online DVD and game rental company, along with fast, free delivery. The Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience isn’t just a slogan… it’s what we live for!

Intelliflix has quietly become the world’s largest movie and game rental destination. In 2004, we surpassed Netflix with the largest number of distribution centers in the continental United States. This allows us to provide our customers unlimited DVDís and games and have them delivered free to their door in about 1-3 business days!

At Intelliflix customers have a choice of 7 different plans. We are the only online DVD and game rental company to provide both unlimited subscription programs and individual Pay-Per Rental (PPR) plans. Our individual rentals start at $4.26 per rental and include unlimited monthly rentals, up to 4 DVDs at a time and you can use it along with any subscription plan! Subscription plans start at $8.25 per month for unlimited rentals with 2 DVDs out at a time. By having both Pay-Per Rental and Subscription plans we provide less frequent renters the convenience of online ordering of individual titles while continuing to satisfy the appetite of the heavy renters with a huge selection and as always both plans include fast, free delivery both ways.

The Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience
Largest Selection of Movies and Games
The Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience begins with Selection. Intelliflix is the only national online service to offer movies, games, and optional mature content (with parental controls). We offer as much as 3x’s more content than our competitors, which provides our customers with a complete home entertainment experience.

The recipe for The Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience continues with convenience. We have combined the largest selection in the world and the widest variety of rental options with fast and free home delivery. Because we have more shipping centers than any of our competitors, our customers enjoy more movies, more games, and more fun.

Web Site Features

  Intelliflix offers an exclusive » Pic-N-Drag  (Drag-N-Drop Rental Queue) that allows you to arrange your movies by simply dragging the box covers with your mouse!
Queue Wizard
  Our Queue Wizard helps you to easily select and create a list of movies you want to see (over 60,000 titles) by letting you choose from your favorite actors, actresses, and directors. Based on your choices the Queue Wizard will display for you the movies that meet your criteria.
» Click here to see a Sample Queue & Learn how to use it
Current Rental Status
  The Current Rental Status of your DVDs will be posted on your Queue page and emailed to you. You will always know when your titles have been shipped, and when they are received by our distribution center.
Coming Back Feature
  Exclusive to Intelliflix is our Coming Back Feature; This let's you tell us that you have mailed back a DVD so we can send you the next movie in your Queue even before we have received it. It's available 4 days after your title was shipped to you, which provides enough time for delivery and for you to watch it at home. Only one title at a time can be listed as "Coming Back". This feature is available to members after 1 month and applies to all general release titles, not to games or mature content.
Sub Accounts
  At Intelliflix can you create Sub accounts. With this feature, you can divide your membership into sub accounts, and allocate a certain number of movies to other members of your household.
Rental History
  Your complete Rental History can be accessed by clicking on the View Your Rental Queue History link located at the bottom of the your Current Rental Status box which is located on your Queue page.
Star Rating System

Our Star-Rating System gives you the ability to read or add reviews for each movie on our site. Click on any movie and you will see the Star Rating System at the right of the DVD picture box.  Rate the DVDs, read user’s reviews and post your own reviews!

  The Hold-Switch in your "Rental Queue" lets you temporarily delay the shipping of a title. This is helpful when you want to wait to see one title until you have seen another. For example, hold The Godfather II until you have seen The Godfather I.
High Demand

We have created a system that informs you about our inventory status; so that you can get the most out of your membership with Intelliflix. We have some very unique/rare titles you will not find anywhere else (movies, games & mature); over 60,000 title. We don't hide the fact that some titles are Rare and or in High Demand. We tell you when a DVD is Rare or in High Demand by displaying this message before the DVD is entered into your Queue. "This title is Rare or in High Demand and it is not likely that you will get it in the next 1-30 days. We will ship it out as it becomes available, on a first-come, first-served basis." The DVD is then entered into your Queue. It will be displayed in the Queue Waiting Area at the bottom of the page and will be automatically placed in your regular Queue for shipment as soon as it becomes available.

What to expect in 2006

In 2005, we grew to be the world’s largest online movie and game rental company and we see no reason to stop growing this year! In fact, we’re going to continue to expand our service offerings and grow even faster! With endorsements from celebrities such as Howard Stern, along with the power of thousands of satisfied customers, we expect 2006 to continue our trend of record setting years every year that we’ve been in business.

In a 2006 intelliflix was included in a news story that evaluated online dvd rental services, WNBC New York looked at Intelliflix and four competitors, Netflix, Blockbuster, GameznFlix and DVD Avenue. They compared selection, price, and delivery time and concluded that "The best deal in DVD delivery is from Intelliflix". We are very proud of these results and are continually working to provide our customers with the Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience!

Intelliflix Management Team: Details »

Christopher Hickey
Chief Executive Officer

Danny Carrao

Debra Vanderhoff
Executive Vice President

Paul Vernon
Vice President, Technology

Jim Reed
General Counsel

Corporate Headquarters:

1401 Forum Way STE 503, West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

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