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I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your company. I don't understand why anyone would sign up with the 'other' DVD rental companies or go to the local video store. The variety of movies you have is amazing. You really are 'the world's largest neighborhood video store.' Your delivery time is very fast - I have new movies coming in the mail every week.

The only time I've ever had a problem with a DVD, you sent a new one out to me that day. I don't get that kind of service at my local video store. I feel like every penny (and it is just pennies a day) is well worth it. Thank you!

Joan N.


Just wanted to say the improvements in your service over the last two months are night and day! I was a very displeased customer and came very close to canceling my membership. With the new features you have implemented things are so much better! You have really turned around my customer experience that I am now starting to recommend your site to friends.

The new easier adding buttons, and knowing which movies are available are huge benefits. But my favorite feature is the ability to let you know I have sent a movie back.

I just want to say thank you for the hard work in improving your company and it truly has made a difference.

Dave A.

Just wanted to compliment you on the handling of my email last month (after your first edition). Although I didn't expect a response (among other feedback, I had mentioned that turnaround times were slow), I got a prompt response from Customer Service and an extra month on my account. Very nice!!! I felt important.

And I *love* the change to the queue that shows items which are in high demand or will be delayed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I won't email you every month. ;-) But I wanted to say that you are definitely improving Intelliflix in a very noticeable way.

Jean P.

Dear Mr. Carrao,

Thank you for your 'Presidential Perspective' newsletter...I really like the recent changes which have been made. The 'Queue Now' feature is very helpful. Also, I have recently used Customer Support on several occasions and they have been very responsive and helpful. So, I wish to compliment them for their fine service.

Thank you for your attention.

Don W.

Hello Mr. Carrao:

Thank you for your Presidential Perspective.

I have definitely noticed the improvements and am very grateful for them.

Jesus L.
New York City


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I have really enjoyed my membership. I have tried some of the other online movie rental websites and they do not compare. Not to mention is the best deal.

I really like the "sent movie back" option. That way I am receiving my next movie around the same time you are receiving the movie I sent back.

To put it straight. INTELLIFLIX.COM ROCKS!!!!!!!

Thanks Intelliflix!!

Mary G.
Calera, AL

Intelliflix ReviewsTelevision

intelliflix review NBC New YorkNBC NEW YORK

"Intelliflix is the best value in online movie rentals"

» Click Here to Watch the video

Intelliflix was included in a news story that evaluated online DVD rental services, WNBC New York looked at Intelliflix and four competitors, Netflix, Blockbuster, GameznFlix and DVD Avenue. They compared selection, price, and delivery time and concluded that 'The best deal in DVD delivery is from Intelliflix'.

We are very proud of these results and are continually working to provide our customers with the Ultimate Online DVD Rental Experience!

Intelliflix ReviewsPress

Wall St. Journal Gives Intelliflix High Marks

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 26, 2005 – In a blind test of online game rental services by the Wall Street Journal, Intelliflix demonstrated its core strengths once again as the company continues to make a name for itself in the online movie and game rental market. The Journal selected Intelliflix to participate in the test as one of the leading online game rental sites in the country. In addition to being lauded for our customer service "Intelliflix… responded to an email inquiry within three minutes" we were one of only two sites in the test to actually ship an order, proving that Intelliflix is one of the few businesses in this industry to "walk the talk."

Intelliflix has created a unique business model in the online movie and game rental industry. Rather than follow the time consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive model of establishing huge distribution centers in just a few parts of the country, as done by Netflix and Blockbuster, Intelliflix has created a national network of independent video retailers to complement the company’s own distribution facilities. This national network gives Intelliflix customers the benefits of working with an independent local store: greater title selection, deeper inventory levels and more knowledgeable employees. At the same time, customers also enjoy the advantages of dealing with a national company with world-class customer support, centralized technology operations and development, major marketing and promotions campaigns, etc.

Intelliflix offers a standard subscription for general release movies and a premium subscription that also includes games and mature titles. In addition, customers can enjoy a Pay-per-Rental plan which allows them to rent one title at a time, with no monthly commitment – this is, once again, a first for the online movie and game rental market.

Commenting on the blind test, Chris Hickey, CEO of Intelliflix, said that "We’re very pleased with the results from the blind test in the Journal, though I’m not surprised. Since we’ve launched, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering the ultimate home entertainment experience to our customers. The incredible growth we’ve had in just the past few months proves that what we’re doing resonates with our target market."

Intelliflix ReviewsCelebrities

Intelliflix on the Howard Stern Show.

Even America’s #1 radio personality has joined the chorus of people singing our praises…

Click on the links below to hear what Howard has to say!

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