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A Review of The Paddy Power Website

The Paddy Power website encompasses all that an avid gambler would want in a website. The green backdrop is inviting and it has a wide variety of sports to place bets on. The much elusive, more so in the USA, live betting is also included. This licensed bookmaker was founded in Dublin, Ireland and has been placing bets since 1988. It does this effectively. The following post is a paddy power review.

User Interface

At first glance, one can be overwhelmed by the inundation of numbers. However, this should not faze a seasoned speculator as they should be used to them by now and understand their meaning. The interface is easy on the eye but could be better. Games are categorized that makes for an easy layout.


Navigation on the site is extremely easy. Graphics are kept to a minimum therefore speeding up the site's responsiveness. The hyperlinks work seamlessly. Some icons indicating different sports share the same color as the background color making them impossible to visualize. These could be altered to make the site more aesthetically pleasing.


Every kind of gambler is covered as a myriad of sports are incorporated in the betting. These include but are not limited to football, nba, nfl horse racing, darts, hockey and golf. The featured racing have a time ticker that shows you how much time you have for placing a bet until the event goes down. This gives you ample time to decide.

This website would appeal to anyone without a technical background. The most complicated thing on the site are the odds- a non issue for gamblers. Everything else is presented in a straightforward fashion that's easy to read and comprehend. All that you may need is included on this page. This includes the help option, feedback, registration, terms and conditions as well as privacy policy.

The site comes off as having a clean and flawless look. The animated graphics are a fun accessory as they really liven up the site. They are small in size which doesn't compromise the load time of a page.

The website is conscious enough to reveal to its clients that betting should be fun. It advocates for people to be gamble aware and to cease partaking when they're no longer having fun. Paddy Power also acknowledges that betting can be addictive. This is a refreshing approach as other betting sites just gloss over this fact.

Areas To Improve

There are no huge chunks of text which is a welcome addition. However, If I was to nitpick, I would go for a bigger font as I feel the current one is a wee bit on the miniscule side. Even though the green may be an homage to the site's home Ireland, a dash of color would go a long way in making it even more attractive.

All in all, the paddy power website fulfills its purpose and then some. It has a good design, has no glitches, flows nicely and most importantly lets you do what it purports to do- place bets. Try it out today.

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