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Presidential Perspective
October, 2006

Danny Carrao President of IntelliflixHi!
I’m Danny Carrao, the President of Intelliflix, back for another round of our Intelliflix newsletter – Presidential Perspectives.

I’d like to start out this month thanking you for all the great ideas and suggestions you’ve been sending our way.  We’ve been pleased with the passion you’ve shown for our great company and rest assured we’re committed to improving things every single day!  Many of your ideas have already been incorporated into our website so keep the creative juices flowing!

Importing Your Netflix Queue

Here’s one that came directly from a suggestion from our customers.  We’ve had so many people leave Netflix and come to our service and many of them said the same thing: “Is there any way to bring my Netflix queue with me so I don’t have to set it all up again?”

Well, since I’m mentioning it, you probably already know where I’m headed with this, right?! :)  That’s correct – you can now import your Netflix movie queue once you’ve started your Intelliflix membership.  So now, not only do we deliver more value with your rental experience (lower price, games and mature titles), but we save you time, too!  Just login to your account, then go to your rental queue and click on the link that’s there.  Follow the simple instructions and we’ll go out and read your Netflix queue and match it up to our 60,000 title database.  We can’t promise it will be perfect, as they don’t use industry-standard codes for their movies, but we believe that it will save you lots of time nonetheless!

Free Movies – For LIFE!

I’ve written about our Free Movies for Life promotion before, but just to refresh your memory, we’re going to draw at random five lucky SuperPass customers on December 31st of this year to get Free Movies for Life!  The “fortunate five” (okay, I know that was corny but bear with me!) will get unlimited movies from Intelliflix for as long as they live!  No strings attached, nothing more to buy, ever!  Wouldn’t that be great – to never have to pay for movies again?!  So tell all your friends and make sure that your SuperPass is active as of December 31, 2006.  Click here for a complete description of the promotion, and good luck!!

Become automatically enter to win.
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New “Starter” Plan

For those of you who are current customers, you already know what a great value your Intelliflix membership is.  We deliver more movies for less money than any other service out there.  One of the things that we heard from potential customers, though, is that we didn’t have a rental plan out there for the casual movie watcher.  So as always, we listened to the feedback we got and have acted on it!

We now have what we call our Starter plan – it’s a SuperPass plan that gives you 1 title out at a time for only $3.99 per month, paid a year in advance, like all our SuperPass plans (a total of $47.88).  You’re allowed two rentals each month, so it’s perfect for those of you who watch movies only occasionally.  You still  have access to all the general release titles from our 60,000 title strong database of movies and games – at a price that’s a full 1/3 less than any other competitor who offers a similar plan. 

Thanks again for your feedback – you asked for it, you got it!

And with that, we’ll wrap it up for this time.  Thanks for your time, and we hope you enjoy your Intelliflix membership… 

Until next time…!

Danny Carrao
Intelliflix President

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