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About Intelliflix Pay Per Rentals (PPR)

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Which DVDs can I rent using PPR?
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Intelliflix Pay Per Rental Plans
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About Intelliflix Pay Per Rentals

Perfect for the occasional renter, enjoy the flexibility of renting what you want…when you want.Only Intelliflix provides you with a pay per rental program that lets you rent as many as 4 movies or 3 games at a time with no monthly commitment. Rent your favorites starting at just $4.26 and you can keep them for 5 days at a time. When you are done with them, simply put them into the pre-paid envelope and return them from your mailbox…it’s that easy! Need more time? Not to worry, we never charge late fees. You will pay only for the extra days that you decide to watch it for $1.50 per extra day.

How much does Intelliflix Pay Per Rentals cost?
General release movies are $4.26 for a 5 day rental, while mature and games are $5.32 for a 5 day rental.
Rental Type
# of Rentals
Like it? Extend it?
Love it? Own it!
General Movies
1-4 at a time
5 Days
$1.50 per day
21 day rent to own
1-3 at a time
5 Days
$1.50 per day
42 day rent to own
1-4 at a time
5 Days
$1.50 per day
21 day rent to own

Can I use Intelliflix Pay Per Rentals if I have an Intelliflix Subscription Plan?

Yes. Subscription customers can also select Pay Per Rental titles to be sent under the Pay Per Rental program? If you already have your maximum number of movies out, use Pay Per Rental to get extra Movies. This expands the number of titles that they can have out at one time. Perfect for those monster movie nights and for special events like parties, too.

Can I try PPR, and then change to subscription?
Sure. You can add a subscription plan anytime you want. Just go log in and go to “My Account”, and change your plan.

Which DVDs can I rent using Intelliflix Pay Per Rental?

You get the same selection as our subscription customers. That means you choose from the world’s largest selection of over 60,000 movies and games.

How does Intelliflix Pay Per Rental work?

Fill up your Rental Queue
A Rental Queue is a list you build of movies and/or games that you would like to see. PPR members can add movies and games to their Rental Queue just like our subscription customers do. Browse our huge selection and add DVDs to your Rental Queue whenever you want by clicking on the "Pay Per Rental" button, the DVDs will be in your Rental Queue when you are ready to rent.

Rent from your Rental Queue
When you are ready to watch some movies, go directly to your Rental Queue and click on the title (Not the box cover) that you would like to watch. If it is available for immediate rental, you can click on the “Pay Per Rental” button and it will be sent to you usually the same day.

Why can I see a title, but it doesn't have a button that says "Pay Per Rental"?
If a particular title does not have a "Pay Per Rental" button (located underneath the “Put in Queue” button), that means that we do not currently have the title in stock at one of our centers that are within 1-2 days delivery of your home. The movie may be available the very next day as our inventory fluctuates daily at each center. For your convenience, we recommend placing the title into your Rental Queue for ease of future rental.

If this is the case, place the title in your Rental Queue and you can rent it. Check back often, as our inventory changes daily at each center.

Fast Free Shipping

Our goal is to deliver your DVDs to your mailbox in 1 to 3 business days (dependent on origin and availability). Movies will be delivered to you in a 2-Way Orange & Blue DVD Envelope which includes a prepaid mailer for you to return your DVD to us when you’re done watching it. You will be notified via e-mail every time a title is shipped and received. Shipping is always free both ways! *One DVD per envelope.

Due Dates

How will I know my return date?
There are three areas that you can locate your normal return date. First, it will be listed next to your “Titles Out” in your Rental Queue. Secondly, it will be on the outside label placed on the outside of the actual case that the movie is located in. Third, it will be listed on your e-mail confirmation which is sent to you confirming the shipment.

But what about late fees?
Intelliflix never has late fees. Each general release movie rental is just $4.26 including free shipping for a 5 day rental, and you can view it for up to 21 additional days for only $1.50 per day. You can rent Games & mature for only $5.32 including free shipping for a 5 day rental and just $1.50 for each extra day too.

What if it’s delayed in the mail?
Since we have more shipping centers than anyone (yes, even Netflix & Blockbuster), we expect that you will receive your product within 1-3 business days of being shipped. We have added 2 additional days to that date for the movie to be delivered, to insure that you receive it for a minimum of a 5 day rental…but it will likely be more!

How do you calculate additional rental days?
Your normal return date is determined by the postmark, not when we receive it at our center. This way, you are not penalized when your return is delayed in the mail for whatever reason.

What do I do if I don’t receive it?
If you don’t receive your DVD by the fourth day from our ship date, please notify us through a customer support ticket and we will investigate immediately.

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Pay Per Rental V. S. Subscription Plans

Which is the better option?
Each of our plans is designed to accommodate different personalities and lifestyles. Home entertainment isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition, which is why we designed plans to fit every person and every budget. That’s why Intelliflix is the smart way to rent DVDs. It’s a great deal either way…just have fun!

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